Family Packages

A whole year of Wellness provides a maintenance plan to help keep your family healthy and to be proactive with your over all well being. Prolonging self care and health issues can lead to serious DISEASE if overlooked for a period of time. This is your Wellness Plan that can change your life and can give your family the support they need while going through changes throughout the year.

What is a Family Package?

Each family member will receive a integrative bodywork session each month. This integrative bodywork is a part of your maintenance plan. We will work together to tailor a session that best suits you and your family's needs.

One Year Wellness Package





To know the truth of the body is to be aware of its movements, its impulses and its restraints, that is, to feel what goes on in the body. If an individual doesn’t feel the tensions, rigidities, or anxieties, (s)he is, in this sense, denying the truth of the body. ~~Alexander Lowen