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A Healing Experience with Gina Baker

"Gina opens the door to her therapy center and welcomes you with natural warmth and her own personal sunshine.

The first time I met Gina, I sensed a glow of happiness and sincerity that I had rarely experienced — I called her “magic". In my first session, she asked a few questions about my life and history and gave me a profound assessment that had just never occurred to me. This assessment has made such an impact on how I view myself and what I want out of my life.

Her intuition about the body astounds me — her touch is gentle but slow, concentrated and knowledge-based. Gina applies directed pressure over and around the body while createing a deep sense of relaxation. The benefits of her massage techniques surprised me — with just her hands on my forehead, my never-ending worry cycle was relieved during the session and a hip issue I suffer with was abated. I am health-challenged due to weight and aging, but I truly feel ‘lighter’ in body and mind after my sessions with Gina.

She is a healer of the highest order and I feel incredibly fortunate to have found her."


"Thank You!! to all my clients and Thank You D for being so brave to share your experience.

Truly, I enjoy working with each and everyone of my clients. We live in a stressful environment and sometimes it is to much to handle. My goal is to give each person a safe sacred place to come and retreat from the world and heal on the deepest level. My focus is to teach from the heart and to help others dive deeper into their souls desires. In this busy world we become distracted and we get lost in the journey. My goal is to help each person find their unique beauty and essence of true joy. It's a practice and I am here to help you remember your truest peaceful nature."

From my heart to yours,

Gina Baker

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