Private Prenatal Yoga

& Pregnancy Massage


Private prenatal yoga offers a one on one session set aside for individual attention and nurturing for momma and baby.  This time is a gentle way to enhance body awareness and honor mammas changing body and growing baby. The yoga poses and connecting with your breath deepens the ability to respond in the moment to help relieve the discomforts of pregnancy, as well as expand on the joy and excitement of this special time.  Private prenatal yoga helps you gain the confidence, strength, and endurance while better preparing you for labor and delivery.

This unique individual session will close with a gentle therapeutic massage with primary focus on relaxation and allowing mamma and baby to drift away all cocooned in nurturing energy. Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes.


90 Minutes $135






                  90 Minute $135.00






A great gift for expecting mom. Plan your party with me and we will weave together a support system that will come together to celebrate your new expecting baby. I will either come to your home or we can have a private party at a special venue. This class will be a gentle restorative class to renew the body, connect with baby, bond with your friends and create a sacred ceremony to welcome baby. 

We will meet to plan and costuming your party! Price will depend on venue and what you would like to provide for your expiring mom.


Sliding Scale Price $150 - $2000