Intuitive Reading and Soul Nourishment Intensive Session For Stress and Anxiety 

Office Visit 


Looking for something that can help you with your stress! Need a grounding pad? Searching for insight? Need some peace in your life? Want to learn how to bring some quiet time for meditation in your life?  


Enjoy a relaxing cup tea and insightful intuitive reading with Gina. This conversation will help guide you into a place of self discovery into the path of your heart's  wishes and desires through the art of listening "a technique that is dying in our culture." I will offer the purest form of prayer and energy healing for those who are in need of relief from pain and suffering. Through guided imagery and mindful meditation each individual will learn to hold a sacred space for themselves through prayer and meditation. I will teach some simple mindful meditation and yoga excercises to help with your stress and anxiety. (90 min)

Long Distance Call or Skype


I am just a phone call or personal face to face conversation away. Experiencing a reading remotely is very easy and affective!  During our 30 minute conversation we will schedule your distant healing session. I recommend that each person receiving healing set aside some quiet time to tune in and be open to receive the healing frequency. The distant healing session generally lasts 40 to 60 minutes, and people frequently report feeling deeply relaxed, less anxious and mentally peaceful during and after the session. Most of my clients just enjoy a wonderful nap time!  During the session the body and your energetic stresses are examined. The energetic imbalances are then harmonized to assist you in finding your own healing intelligence and frequencies.


An optional follow up 30 minute call will be scheduled to see how you are doing. We will go over some mindful exercises that can help support your process. Each follow up 30 min call will be an additional fee. $75 


Observed benefits:

  • Mood Upliftment

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Higher Energy Levels

  • Increase Productivity

  • Enhance Immunity

  • Improve Digestive Health

  • Better Quality Sleep

  • strengthens immune system

  • eliminates toxins

  • facilitates deep relaxation

  • supports the body to heal from disease


  Price $150 


"Wholesomeness for our thoughts, words, actions... at home, in play and at work."