Client Testimonials

I was lucky enough to be referred to Gina six months after I was walking across the street and was hit by a truck. Gina offers a unique blend of techniques. I was personally interested in Craniosacral, Myofascial, Myoskeletal Alignment, Lymphatic Drainage, Energy Medicine and Swedish Massage.


Each session is personalized and is based on my list medical needs. I have injuries that involve my spine, hip and shoulder. More than a massage therapist - she is a skilled healer. She has been so effective with my tightly bound and injured muscles, it is such a gift to begin to feel relaxed in my body again. I’m looking forward to more release of the connective tissue, until my body moves more freely.


I leave feeling altered in all the right ways. I’m already making plans to see her again and again. 

- Ema Drouillard

When I was 68 years old, I experienced a great loss. My husband of 40 years became sick with cancer and passed away six months later. It changed me. I lost my zest for living. My energy drained, and I also became a dreadfully negative thinker, depressed , and extremely anxious. I also developed stomach problems.


Gina suggested to try her program, “6 Sessions to Progression,” and it worked miracles. With a gentle touch, Gina calmed the anxiety in my stomach, chest, jaw, and neck. I felt my vitality returning after each session. My head felt clear: I was more alert. Sessions on a regular basis helped me return to health.

-Liz Hockinson

From my first appointment, Gina's services have far exceeded my expectations. Gina has expertise in many different healing modalities which is an asset to my whole body health. She has a true gift of tuning into my body and customizing her treatments and services accordingly to what I need each visit.  At the end of each treatment I always have the feeling "that was exactly what I needed" even though I did not know it prior to the visit.  I never felt like Gina was just going through the motion or rushed during my visit. Gina is present, calm and truly engaged with the mind and body to guide it back to its natural state of alignment and vitality.  From day one I felt that she was invested in me and passionate about making a difference in my life.  Without hesitation, I would recommend Gina.  She has my utmost trust and I consider her a part of my wellness team and feel blessed that she has entered my life.

-Kori C.


Gina is a gifted practitioner and a true healer. She has been invaluable in helping my daughter recover from a severe concussion and has cleared up my nagging symptoms that recently creeped up on me after years as a professional dancer, runner and all around outdoor sports enthusiast.


-Alison, Actress/Dancer/Singer, Physical Therapist, Mother


I’m one of those individuals who loves getting a massage but never seems to find the time to make it a regular part of my life.  Everyone has their excuses and I have mine, but when I get a really good massage from someone who is extremely knowledgeable about the body, it registers.  To me, Gina Baker is one of those people.  I love her approach, sweet healing energy, and everything about what she does.  She is special in my estimation.  She’s the kind of healing therapist that stands out as someone who can really help in whatever ails you.      

-Diana Chiarabano, Owner Rent a Parent Services - Marin Nannies & Child Care

Our son was diagnosed with severe Torticollis at 2 weeks old. We started Physical Therapy right away but were not seeing the results we hoped for. We quickly noticed that his head was starting to form asymmetrically even with all the Physical Therapy.  We were then referred to a Neurosurgeon who additionally diagnosed our son with severe Positional Plagiocephaly. The treatment would be a helmet which "may or may not" help reshape his head. Frustrated, we discussed this with our Pediatrician who recommended we "think outside the box" and look into Cranial-Sacral Therapy. By happenstance, we met Gina and ever since she has been a blessing for our son. After working with Gina for only 1 month our son went from these severe diagnosis to mild diagnosis and not needing a helmet. We strongly believe that it was the addition of the Cranial-Sacral Therapy to the Physical Therapy (and work we did at home) that changed our son's diagnosis dramatically. Each week we met with Gina and our son loved her. Even in his most fussy moments he would become calm and relaxed, even cooing at her while she worked on him. Gina's gentle demeanor along with her positive attitude helped both us and our son through a very tough experience and now that we are on the other side of it, we cannot thank Gina enough for her hard work and dedication to helping our son. Because of her work with Cranial-Sacral Therapy our son is now fine and all the doctors, specialists and physical therapists we have seen are amazed at what the difference Gina has made for our son.



We came to Gina with our 10 month old son who was struggling with constipation. After months of trying to fix the issue with his diet and seeing several doctors that didn't offer any helpful suggestions, along with a nutritionist who wanted to try an extreme approach, we felt like we needed to try a different course of action. I had heard that cranio sacral massage can be really helpful for infants so we got a referral to see Gina. Our first session with Gina worked wonders for his little tummy and helped us get him back on track. She also did a treatment with me and him and helped me identify some of my own anxieties that were contributing to his challenges. I'm so thankful that we found her and this course of treatment for our son.



My experience with Gina was wonderful. The massage she gave me was not just your typical "Swedish" or even Pre-natal massage. I am pregnant and sore all the time and she listened and took into consideration all of my ailments. Gina really made the massage fit me, by catering to my every need during it. She was also in tune with my baby. She was speaking to him, at the time I was 28wks. My baby boy responded with sweet kicks and movements as I relaxed. If you are looking for a special massage that relaxes and helps, Gina Baker is your girl!!

- Danelle Anthony


Gina is a warm and caring person. I wanted my new home to be a warm and inviting place so choosing Gina to help me bless the space was a no brainer. She worked around my schedule and the needs of my baby to set the time and she helped us bless the outside of the home as well as the inside. She made recommendations on ways I could continue to clear and bless the space and shape the energy of my home. As a result, my new house feels like home. 

Thank you Gina!

-Jen Schappel


"Gina opens the door to her therapy center and welcomes you with natural warmth and her own personal sunshine.


The first time I met Gina, I sensed a glow of happiness and sincerity that I had rarely experienced — I called her “magic". In my first session, she asked a few questions about my life and history and gave me a profound assessment that had just never occurred to me. This assessment has made such an impact on how I view myself and what I want out of my life.


Her intuition about the body astounds me — her touch is gentle but slow, concentrated and knowledge-based. Gina applies directed pressure over and around the body while createing a deep sense of relaxation. The benefits of her massage techniques surprised me — with just her hands on my forehead, my never-ending worry cycle was relieved during the session and a hip issue I suffer with was abated. I am health-challenged due to weight and aging, but I truly feel ‘lighter’ in body and mind after my sessions with Gina.


 She is a healer of the highest order and I feel incredibly fortunate to have found her."




I was absolutely blown away by the deep emotional and physical healing I received from Gina in the time I spent with her. Being new to bodywork of any kind, I wasn't sure what to expect out of craniosacral or energy therapy. Almost as soon as we started our session, she pinpointedexactly what I needed and spent the next hour targeting and realigningevery unbalanced part of my body. I left feeling centered, renewed, and refreshed. Thank you Gina!


- Laura Hyrka


Gina is an amazingly relatable and personable therapist. Her work brings about awareness in one's own body and has a gentle, restorative effect. Highly recommend!


- Whitney Bennett

After working with Gina for over three years, I can tell you that she is very special. She has worked with all three of my children for different reasons and I have seen vast improvements with all of them after only one session. She takes her time and puts all her energy into each individual person and you see that in the results that you get.


Our pediatrician and lactation consultant referred Gina to us for our twins after noticing some torticollis with one of our twins. She came to my home and worked with them both. She did a very thorough job with both of them.When she left they slept 5 hours and when the woke up they were different babies. There were no signs of torticollis