Gina's Restorative Bodywork


During my sessions, I offer a unique blend of the various techniques listed below. Each session is personalized and based on your medical needs, progress and my highly experienced intuition.


Adult Therapies


Myofacial Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage

Somato Emotional Therapy

Visceral Therapy

Spinal Detox

Healing Touch

Distant Energy Healing

Private Prenatal Yoga & Massage

Private OM Yoga


Gina's Restorative Bodywork Rates

New clients will receive a free consultation when booking an appointment.


  • 60 minutes     $95

  • 90 minutes     $135

  • ​120 minutes   $150 

Therapies for Children

Pedicatric CranioSacral

Baby OM Massage


Gina's Restorative Bodywork Rates for Babies

New baby clients will recieve a free consulttion when booking an appointment.


  • 30-60 Minute treatment sessions- sliding scale of $85-$105



All package rates include a 10% price break to all clients. 


  • 6 Sessions to Progression- $510 @ 60 min sessions

  • Conscious Parenting for Expecting Parents {9 visits$1094 

  • 4 Baby Sessions to Progression- $230

  • Family Package or Personal Package

    • 24- 1 hour sessions $2,052 *expires in a year prior to purchase date (Savings $228)

    • 12- 1 hour sessions $1,026 *expires in a year prior to purchase date (Savings $114)



I respectfully request 24 hours advance notice for cancellation or full payment is due.