Morning Mindful Hatha with Gina Baker

Friday @ 9:30 am – 10:30 am

at Breezeway Yoga Studio

Morning Mindful Hatha is a moderate mindful flow class with a strong focus on breath, internal awareness of sensation, and body alignment. We will explore the postures and work our way into waking up the body to help you step into your day. This class is for all levels with a general understanding of yoga and meditation. With regular weekly devoted practice my students often find:

• Improved energy levels and sleep 

• Clearing the effects of a stressful lifestyle 

• Weight loss 

• Feeling less anxious


Prenatal Yoga with Gina Baker

Tuesday @ 4:30 pm - 5:30pm

at Breezeway Yoga Studio

During pregnancy, yoga is an excellent tool to calm the mind and allow you to enjoy the journey towards motherhood.

Find balance by deepening your stretches to improve flexibility and engaging muscles to find support and strength. We’ll focus on the pelvic floor and flow through options to help manage different elements of the birthing process. Learn safe and effective ways to access muscle groups that are more challenging during pregnancy, all while practicing optimal breathing and alignment. With moments of meditation and stillness, this is an opportunity to tune in to yourself and bond with baby. $15 per class

Partners PreNatal Yoga

Private Sessions Only at this time

Virtual Available

Yoga. Massage. herbs. Listening. Breath. Labor. A great opportunity to connect and weave together a support system for your prenatal needs. We will explore different changes and embrace body awareness. Yoga asana and utitizing breath deepens the ability to communicate and bond with your partner and baby. You will learn some craniosacral massage to help hold space for your partner. We will practice some mindful meditation and experience community with other expected parents. We will learn restorative and therapeutic yoga positioning and breath work to help before and during birth. We will finish with a final foot massage, aromatherapy. 

Limited Space available!         

Sept 8th@ 1pm - 3pm        Cost  $55.00




Tummy Time for (pre-crawling baby) 

Private Sessions Only at this time


VIRTUAL CLASSES available for family to be at home with their baby. How it works! You will contact the office to schedule your time and we will set up a zoom call with you to give you the opportunity to enjoy a class in your own home save and in your own surroundings.  Easy!

A special invitation for new mammas to reconnect and bond with their body, and enjoy time with other moms and their pre crawling baby. This class is a moderate flow class developed especially for new mom’s to help regain strength, reestablish flexibility and release common tension patterns that arise once baby is born. This class is a flexible class so mothers can come and be supported and feel free to take care of their babies when the need arises.  Along with yoga play and songs with your baby, we will incorporate baby massage, and learn some tummy time exercises that can be helpful for developmental learning and digestion. Did you know that Tummy Time can help with breast feeding issues? Don't forget to ask for a personal private Tummy Time class.


$15  60 minute group class ( per student)

$95  60 minute single session




What if my baby cries? 

That is fine and normal!  Remember everyone in class has a baby and they will have different needs at different times. If your baby cries, feed them, comfort them, change them.  Don't worry you won't disrupt class.

What do I need to bring?

You, your pre crawling baby, yoga mat and a blanket to lay your baby on and any toys they may like to play with.  

What if my baby gets hungry?

You are welcome to feed them in class or step out into our foyer onto a comfortable couch.  

What age range is good for this class?

This class is best for pre-crawlers however if your little one will stay on the mat with you even once they are crawling they are more then welcome to come to class!  

Will I get any Yoga in?

Yes, promise:)


Saturday, April 

11:00 am - 3:00 pm

This workshop is about exploring opportunities about how we as women can find our power through tapping into our own spirit and finding happiness in our own female body. This class will reference the book, Wild Feminine by, Tami Lynn Kent who is a women's health care provider who has great insight about how we can cultivate some joy in our life. I will be facilitating this workshop through taking us on a journey of discussion, mindfulness meditation, body awareness exercises, yoga and relaxation. This class is open to 8 women only.  A healthy lunch will be provided.

Cost including lunch:  $99

Sign up before March 1st: $85

”Within the flower lies the secret world of the sacred feminine: a world of truth, beauty, love and mystery. As a mother you are called to go deep within your own inner world, and like the flower, to develop and bask in your own magnificence.” Buffy