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I am delighted you have made your way to my website. Life is truly a healing journey and I am here to help you navigate


A Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) with specialized advanced training in adult and pediatric craniosacral, myofascial, somato-emotional and lymphatic therapies, I have accumulated over 20 years of healing wisdom teaching and treating infants, children and adults. I am certified in Reiki I and Reiki II.


My yoga training consists of a 200 hour yoga teacher training certification and advanced studies under various teachers focused on yoga philosophies, mindfulness and meditation and more specifically advanced training in prenatal yoga as well as, doula training.


Spiritually, I have received extensive shamanic training with the Center for Spiritual Healing in Northern California. In my sessions, I combine vibrational sound healing using instruments, music, tones and other sonic vibration sources to balance and heal the body, mind and spirit. These specialized sound frequencies facilitate a therapeutic atmosphere that promotes deep rest, nervous system rebalancing and emotional release.

I am a certified herbalist with primary focus on the healing intersection of plant and energy medicine.

Now certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc., I help enable clients release trauma and trapped emotions to rapidly reduce stress, guilt, shame, pain, blame , phobias, anxiety and physical symptoms to quickly stop the suffering and improve their overall quality of life.


It is my intention and an essential aspect of my practice to utilize this well-rounded, deep experience in multiple therapies to holistically assist in enabling the true healing potential in every unique person. 

My clients present healing challenges from chronic pain and disease, emotional trauma, physical disabilities, pediatric trauma and emotional stress to accident-caused, physical trauma.

It is my belief that each body holds certain patterns that prohibit the healing process from naturally occur in the body and mind. These holding patterns could be initiated by trauma held in the body from accidents, by disease or trauma that may have happened during birth or childhood. I see the body and mind holistically and endeavor through listening and allowing along with therapeutic manipulation to hold a safe space to enable my clients to heal. 


​My program Six Sessions to Progression is uniquely tailored to help each individual person heal deeply from pain and discomfort. This program can be facilitated in person or remotely.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. — Albert Einstein


In 1999, following a serendipitous and inspirational trip to Esalen in California, my life changed forever, and my spiritual awareness became more and more expanded through the exploration of metaphysics, energy and holistic medicine and shamanism. It was at this point, my self-awareness and my life started to positively change and grow.


Also during this time, I discovered the book The Power of NOW by Eckhart Tolls, a guide to spiritual enlightenment. This book reads that if we are able to be fully present and take each step in the now; if we are able to feel the reality of such things as the “inner-body,” “surrender,” “forgiveness,” and the “unmanifested,” we will be opening ourselves to the transforming experience of the “power of the now”. This book helped me understand the power of stillness and being present.


In 2000, I completed massage therapy training and certification in Knoxville Tennessee with a special interest in craniosacral therapy and myofascial bodywork. During that time, a dear friend was faced with a tragic jeep wreck that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Following multiple craniosacral therapies with me as well as, holistic sessions with a team of healers, he was able to rehabilitate and walk again. I felt so much gratitude for him and the opportunity to be a part of an extraordinary healing. This experience gave me the true bold gift of reminding me every second of the day that experiencing life is an amazing journey.


I have always been fascinated with energy fields and metaphysics. The movie What the Bleep Do We Know expanded my mind and my reality. The movie is a 2001 documentary/ drama about a scientific film that posits a spiritual connection between quantum physics and consciousness.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. — Albert Einstein
Other Passions

I love adventures and clueless travels with my husband exploring different destinations and experiencing various cultures and places of interest. We love any excuse to get  outside, such as gardening, biking, hiking, snowboarding and yoga. We have been blessed with four adult children and two grandchildren to keep us inspired and busy.

My yoga practice

In 2010, I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Since my certification, I have had the privilege to study further with various teachers who have given me a deeper understanding of body alignment, breath, and body awareness as well as, deepened my understanding into the science and philosophy of yoga. I am forever grateful for the wisdom they have imparted and continue to impart as I continue to work with them indefinitely. Personally, have been studying yoga philosophy for more than 10 years and actively practicing for over 20 years. I have a keen interest in using yoga as a means of providing a human connection to reach various individuals needing a sense of peace and comfort in their life. In my teaching practice, I weave together yoga, restorative bodywork, energetics, breath, and mindfulness with my students. I encourage each individual to set up a solid foundation “on and off the mat” to create a life that is rich with all possibilities and understanding of one’s true nature as well as a greater sense of compassion for everyone, starting with one’s own self. 

Most recently, Gina’s personal interest in sound healing with quartz crystal bowls and other sound makers has evolved into a “sound bath” experience she shares with students during yoga and meditation. 

As a yoga practitioner living and practicing in Knoxville, I am interested in drawing from the ancient teachings and integrating them holistically and bridging the gap into our busy Western culture. My personal philosophy of the yoga practice is to solidify all aspects of balance and merely take what we know and grow in a way that can enhance every choice we make which gives us tools to have a better outlook on life. 

Private sessions

In my private sessions with clients, we explore physical, psychic and emotional disturbances to inform and formulate a practice that is uniquely suited for the individual mind/body. I have experience working with clients dealing challenges such as terminal illness, physical trauma and general stress to anxiety and tension-causing acute or chronic patterns of limitation or pain.

Private sessions can be very beneficial when needing special assistance in certain areas or in depth learning more than a group class can provide.

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