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One on One Yoga

Conditions Helped
  • Injury recovery

  • Muscle tightness

  • Chronic pain

  • Self-reflection and personal discovery

  • Patience

  • Stress relief

  • Sleep issues

  • Digestion issues

  • Prenatal preparation

  • Post-natal recovery

1 hr Session

A student and practitioner of yoga for over 15 years, I have a personal interest in encouraging others to find a deep understanding and personal enrichment provided by yoga through body alignment, breath, and body awareness. Weaving together yoga, restorative bodywork, energetics, breath, and mindfulness, I encourage each student to set up a solid foundation “on and off the mat” to create a life that is rich with all possibilities and understanding of one’s true nature as well as a greater sense of compassion for everyone, starting with oneself.

My experience includes working with a broad range of clients from those with terminal illness and trauma to general stress and tension causing acute or chronic patterns of limitation or pain. Private sessions can be very beneficial for those needing special assistance in certain areas or in-depth learning more than can be achieved in a group class.

My certifications in pre and post-natal yoga, Tummy Time!™ for babies, spiritual counseling, and restorative mindful yoga have given me the benefit of studying and practicing with great yoga and spiritual teachers as well as, experts in supportive practices during motherhood.

Why schedule a private lesson?

If you are a yoga student searching for detailed, in-depth answers not attainable in group class settings. If you are an active person/athlete: runner, cyclist, dancer, golfer or other active enthusiast and need something to help balance out the demands of your sport., yoga can add balance to your fitness routine and improve performance. If you have an injury, illness or chronic pain, yoga can help relieve these problems. If you are looking for new ways to cope with stress and the challenges of life then yoga is an effective way to relieve stress, relax and re-energize your body and mind. If you are seeking physical, emotional and/or spiritual growth cultivating a yoga practice will allow you to center yourself and get in touch with your innermost light being.

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