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SomatoEmotional Release (SER)

Conditions Helped
  • Recognition/awareness of past emotional/physical traumas

  • Release of past physically retained emotional traumas

1 hr | 1.5 hr Sessions

SomatoEmotional Release Therapy (SER)

Usually SER occurs as a process during a CranioSacral Therapy Session. Pain or dis-ease often indicates the body is trying to communicate something is wrong and out of balance. SomatoEmotional Release Therapy is based on the concept that physical injuries or body pain are often associated with emotional trauma, and that complete physical healing requires the release of the memory stored in the cells of the patient’s body.

When the body experiences trauma, pain or injury, these sensations and emotions get locked into the body, sometimes lying dormant for decades. Along with your skilled practitioner this gentle technique will help support the process of release or unwinding towards a deeper healing. The body has a story to tell and when listened to and addressed, many times the pain will significantly subside, if not disappear completely.

When combined with counseling or psychotherapy, SER can be a powerful tool.

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