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FAQ Craniosacral & baby Sessions

Information for inquiring moms after baby has been treated

There is no such thing as too much hugging, kissing, picking up, and holding a baby.

There is no such thing as spoiling babies by loving them them too much.

Because there is no such thing as "to much love"

~Shirin Purnell

"Most times to see beneficial results it may take more than one treatment."

Reasons to Treat a Baby More Than Once.

1. Sometimes two treatments will produce a result when one treatment seems to do nothing. Most session are very slow and I often tell my parents that it is like watching paint dry. Very gentle and slow and we know it is working on a very subtle and profound level.

2. Most session are very slow and I often tell my parents that it is like watching paint dry. Very gentle and slow and we know it is working on a very subtle and profound level.

3. Sometimes you will see change and then symptoms get worse, completely natural.

4. Over time different treatment goals develop depending on where baby is with developmental stages.

5. Baby may struggle on the brink of a new developmental milestone.

How much does treatment cost?

The price is based on a sliding scale which means that it all depends on if it is a home visit, office visit, and how long the visit. The first time visit includes consult and treatment and will always be an hour and that will be $95. If you want me to come to your home I will add an additional transportation cost which covers my gas and drive time. I have packages that can help with price and you can get prices on my website.

Do you file Insurance?

I do not file insurance. I will give you a receipt with all the information for your insurance carrier.

"Remember you as a parent are the expert and you know if this treatment is helpful and if/when their children need treatment."

How Babies Respond and Integrate during and after the Treatment?

Most babies will sleep a longer than usual stretch after the treatment or sleep at a different time than usual. This is normal. These babies integrate the treatment best in their sleep. It’s OK to wake the baby for feeding if necessary.

Some babies express strong emotions after the treatment. They will be extra silly, sad, angry, scared, thoughtful, sensitive, etc. They may also have dramatic dreams. The post-treatment emotional release phase (if it happens at all) usually lasts a day or so. Then the babies find balance. These experiences are signs of change in the body. You can only imagine if they are working through a birth story they may need additional time to express themselves and let go of the scary parts of their memory of the birth.

What about you Mom?

Remember this has been an overwhelming time and experience birthing your baby. There may be times you need to express your concerns and talk about your emotions and get in tune with how you are feeling physically and emotionally. This may be the time to get in tune with your body and get self care for yourself. Remember you and your baby are one and if you are stressed and anxious your baby will be feeling that from you and cause tension in your babies body that could cause tightness in the jaw and could affect babies feeding.

What About Crying?

As parents of a crying baby our first inclination is to get the crying to stop. If we have done all we can do to make sure that the baby is fed/warm/dry it’s OK to simply hold and be with a crying baby. Crying is a signal that something is wrong, but also a beneficial expression of emotion. We don’t need to fix the crying. When babies are in pain the crying is a pain-coping practice.

Sometimes I tell Moms: Did you make noise/vocalize during your labor? If you did, how would it have been for you if the other people in the room did everything they could to get you to stop making that noise?

If we have done what we know how to do to care for our babies and they are crying it’s OK to simply be with them without an attachment to them being quiet.

Sometimes I tell Mom to have a conversation with their baby: “I am doing what I know to help you feel better. It’s OK with me if you cry. I am here for you. I won’t leave you. When you are through crying I will still be here for you.”

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