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Simple yoga for sleepless nights

Helpful tips that could relieve your sleepless ponder. I have clients request a simple routine for sleepless nights....I hope this helps...sometimes it is something simple that can make a huge difference. Learn more about various poses that can help with restless sleep and embalanced hormones. Come see me Friday mornings at 9:30 am at Breezeway Yoga Studio located at the back of the breezeway between Ross the Boss and Petco at 4830 Kingston Pike in the Knox Plaza Shopping

I have found that it is helpful to break the sleepless cycle by getting up and allowing the body to reset through meditation, breath work, or a simple hot cup of sleepy time tea. As simple as getting up and getting a glass of water could change your sleepless night to pause and wonder into a dreamy deep sleep.

Today's yoga sequence has been provided by Fern Olivia, the founder of Thyroid.Yoga and an L.A.-based wellness expert renowned for her artful approach to self-healing.

1. Shoulder shrugs

Inhale to bring the shoulders up, exhale as you release them down. Do this for one minute.

2. Neck circles

This exercise removes tension in the neck and stimulates the thyroid. It's a great one for feeling stiff, inflamed, foggy, or unable to express yourself. It’s one of my favorites to do when I feel stressed or creatively blocked.

Sit with a straight but relaxed spine. Adjust your head so you feel like it's sitting on top of your spine by slightly moving it back and bringing your chin down slightly. Roll your neck slowly in one direction and then in the other. Let the weight of the head move the head around. Do this very methodically, moving slowly through tight spots and working out areas of tension.

As you do this, take long deep breaths. Pause anytime you feel a knot or area of tension that needs to be released, and let out a sigh, moan, or groan. As you express through your voice, you will free the locked energy to flow through your body.

Do this for at least one minute in each direction. Then, sit quietly and notice the sensations in your body and spine.

3. One-minute breath

This breath technique is amazing for relaxation, clearing brain fog, and promoting a deep space of healing in your body.

Bring the index finger and the thumb together to touch, and close your eyes.

Your goal is to inhale for 20 seconds, hold for 20 seconds, and exhale for 20 seconds. (You can start with 5 seconds each and work your way up as you build up your lung capacity.) Repeat for a total of three minutes.

Practice these three steps every night before bed. The more frequently you do them, the more profound effects you'll notice on your hormones and your sleep quality.

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