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3 Simple Suggestions for Baby's Belly Ache

It can be really frustrating when your baby is fussy and you have tried everything that you know to sooth your baby. Because an infant cannot tell you their problems it can be difficult to figure out if your baby has a belly ache. However, common symptoms include fussiness, gas, vomiting and diarrhea. Whether caused by indigestion, gas, colic or allergy, an upset baby can disrupt the entire family. As long as the baby's symptoms are not severe, there are 3 simple remedies that can be used right at home.

1. Compassionate Touch Therapy

If the stomach ache is caused by gas, colic or constipation a gentle belly massage could sooth your baby's painful belly. To massage the tummy, gently move your fingers and palm in clockwise circular motions, circling the belly button. Place your hands on your baby's belly, connect with your baby, and send blessings to your sweet baby. Another way to sooth your baby is to gently brush your hand down your baby starting at the chin and slowly following this gentle movement down to the diaper area. When your hand reaches the belly button, place your opposite hand beneath his or her chin and move downward repeating this process. Switch hands, being sure that one hand is always connecting with your baby.

2. Herbal Tea

Mint and chamomile are considered safe and can be brewed up in a warm tea. However, tea has no calories so make sure it is not used as a substitute for breast milk or formula. Often times when you are breast feeding or bottle feeding your baby, maybe mamma would like to make herself a tea and enjoy this intimate time with your baby and connect while having a nice cup of tea.

3. Warm Compress

Many babies find that warmth can help soothe an upset stomach. Fill a water bottle with warm water and wrap it in a towel or diaper. Place the water bottle on your knees and gently place baby tummy-down over the bottle. Make sure that the water is not too hot. If it feels warm to you, it might be too hot for baby's sensitive skin.

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