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Chakra THREE Cleanse

While the first chakra is largely linked to our physical body, and our second chakra to our emotions, our third chakra is very much related to our thoughts, and how we relate to them.

When our third chakra is open and strong, we feel centered and comfortable in our own skin. We have a quiet confidence that we can accomplish what we need to, and that we can work through any obstacles that arise. We aren’t arrogant or controlling – in fact, when our third chakra is balanced we don’t feel a need to control everything. Owning our personal power is as much about knowing when to let go as to when to take charge. When we think we need to do everything ourselves, that others can’t possibly help, or that it all depends on us, we are in fact gripping in our third chakra, and this cuts us off from true power.

The path to a healthy third chakra is balance, and discovering a true sense of self-worthiness, that doesn’t require external validation, or ‘going it alone’. Learning to ask for help and knowing it is really O.K. to tap into your resources and ask for HELP!

"Let a man know his worth, and keep things under his feet."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tapping into our personal power is a way to integrate with the "power within," power of connecting with the forces of life. But for most of us, it is as much about letting go and accepting the flow of life as anything else. Then we can begin to accept what arises in our lives, and develop a quiet confidence that is based on allowing power to come through us, rather than trying to muscle through it on our own. As we explore the internal landscape of our solar plexus we will discover all the things that we hold on to and as we release the internal baggage we create space to fill up with the flow of life and the juiciness of the richness of the true essence of who we really are through our own truth as we claim our birth right.

"Let a man know his worth, and keep things under his feet."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


solar plexus.jpg

Location: solar plexus or solar plexus

Sanskrit: manipura

Associations: self esteem, responsibility, personal power, self worth

Organs: liver, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, intestinal tract

Element: fire

Metal: Iron

Color: yellow

Food: Bananas, corn, eggs, lemons, pineapples, yellow peppers

Herbs for Incense: Dragon's blood, sandalwood, saffron, musk, cinnamon, ginger

Mineral: Amber, topaz, yellow citrine, rutilated quartz

Imbalances: power issues in jobs and family, recurrent ulcers, indigestion, heart burn, abdominal distress, boundary issues, control issues, Inability to execute plans or complete projects,

Balances: healthy self esteem, dignity, respect, appreciation, belonging

Movement/Asanas/Healing: Abdominal exercises, plank, table top with alternate leg/arm extensions, power walking

Archangel: Michael

Seed Sound: Ram


I accept myself completely.

I am full of radiant light and energy.

My personal power is growing stronger every day.



  1. A rapid diaphragmatic breathing, designed to clean toxins from the body, raise internal fire, and stimulate the ascending current.

  2. Sit in an upright, comfortable posture with back straight and legs

  3. Chanting RAM Meditation (Solar Plexus Chakra picture)

The seed sound or mantra of the FIRE element is RAM. Chanting this mantra helps activate the Solar Plexus or Belly chakra.

  1. Sit comfortably in your normal meditation posture.

  2. Prop the chakra image by: John Holland at the top of this page in front of you, slightly below eye level with half-closed eyes gaze or imagine the yellow.

  3. Chant RAM silently as you continue to gaze upon it.

Duration: Modify your time to what works best for you. A little goes a long ways!!!!

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