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Chakra TWO Cleanse

The energy of our sacral chakra when it is free and open is such a beautiful, sensual, creative energy. It’s our sexiness, our juiciness, and our emotional drive. It’s the heart of our ability to enjoy sense experience, whether that’s a romantic candlelit bath, a chocolate and champagne brunch, or a walk through a lush field of wildflowers. It’s also the heart of our ability to create from pure feeling, as opposed to thought. And it’s about physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy – our ability to connect beyond a surface or conceptual level with anyone or anything in our lives.

An Emotional Dryness or Disconnection: If our second chakra is blocked or weak, we may have trouble feeling our own emotions, and certainly with expressing them. We may have developed an emotional ‘lid’ due to fears about how our emotions will be perceived by others, or based on childhood conditioning that told us strong emotional expressions are bad or problematic. Or we may have experienced traumas that have caused us to disconnect from our emotions altogether.

- Lisa Erickson, MLAG Columnist

Second Chakra

"From the vast depths of the ebb and flow, you reach. You touch. You find your body. Sensation flows into your hand across your skin. Sensation known to none but you. Your hand moves across curves of flesh and follows lines of movement you sway to the sensuality of your touch. Inside you rise emotions - churning, yearning, flowing, bubbling. They reach and touch and rise, becoming movements, waves change, the water flows, within, without."

- Anodea Judith, PhD.

Location: Lower abdomen, genitals, womb

Sanskrit: Svadhisthana (dwelling place of the SELF)

Associations: creativity, procreation, emotional, sensual, money, passions, desires, pleasure, sexuality

Organs: reproductive, bodily fluids (blood, urine, tears), hips, sacrum, kidneys

Element: water; Ebbs and flows

Color: orange

Sense: taste

Food: Liquids

Archangel: Gabriel

Imbalances: Challenges Problem Solving or Accessing Our Creativity: Creativity is not only artistic, it’s the heart of our ability to think outside the box and solve problems in a new way. We need the fluidity and intensity of our sacral chakras to open our beings to new possibilities. Really, creativity in any form is an allowing – an intimate opening to new inspiration in the universe. Fear of pleasure, out of touch with feelings, resistance to change, overly emotional, sexual addictions, poor boundaries, blame, guilt, money issues, constant entertaining, clairsentience.

Healing: Being near water; being near the arts; getting involved in the arts.

Balances: creativity, money, change, able to flow and change without issue

Movement: hip rolls and circles, moving bridge, supported bridge, cobra


  • I am a money magnet and I attract abundance and prosperity into my life.

  • I feel my creativity steaming through my body, soul and mind.

  • My creative/sexual energy has the power to create and transform.

  • I open myself to others naturally.


Invite yourself to sit comfortably and image yourself sitting along the ocean or big body of water with a brilliant red-orange sun setting or rising. Visualize it making circles and radiating out from your lower abdomen into your genitals, lower back and sacrum. Follow your breath as it rises through your nose, throat, and lungs. When you exhale, feel the energy of the sun flow up through your body from this Chakra, and out through the top of your head. Listen to the waves of the ocean as the sun begins to sink deeper and deeper into your lower spine and into your 2nd Chakra. Relax and just be with the ebb and flows, as evenly and gracefully as waves upon a shore, back and forth tuning in with juiciness of your body.

Chanting VAM Meditation

sacral chakra.jpg

The seed sound or mantra of the Water element is VAM. Chanting this mantra helps activate the sacral chakra.

Sit comfortably in your normal meditation posture

Prop the chakra image by: John Holland at the top of this page in front of you, slightly below eye level with half-closed eyes gaze or imagine the color orange.

Chant VAM silently as you continue to gaze upon it.

Duration: Modify your time to what works best for you. A little goes a long ways!!!!

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