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Chakra ONE Cleanse

Like a tree well anchored to the earth through its roots, we can weather life's storms better if we have a strong and open 1st chakra.

The color of the chakra is red and it represents our actual, physical connection to the Earth. The chakra releases energy downward, like a lightening bolt, while at the same time draws energy upward from the core of the planet. As a result, you feel safe, secure and grounded.

A balanced first chakra manifests as a being with a healthy physical body, well-adjusted to the family and community environment. Such a person will be diligent, organized and prudent with finances.

A blocked chakra would show up as anxiety, dissociative behavior, poor finances, indecisiveness and problems with career and relationships. An overactive chakra, on the other hand, can lead to workaholism, greed, hoarding, addictions and a complete disconnect from the spiritual side of life.

The different first chakra meditations listed below will help activate and balance your root chakra.

I will be sharing with you each week a simple chart that can help support your chakra balancing experience. The guide will give you a general idea as to what areas of the body you can focus on and how you can create balance through exercise and various techniques that I have learned along my journey to discovering balance.

In my experience of plunging in and working on creating balance in my life through balancing my chakras and energy body, I have noticed great changes in my body and in my mind through self discovery. This process can be a challenge and I encourage you to stay true to yourself and remind yourself that this is a learning practice. When you are going through experiences that do not feel good, remember to nurture yourself and listen to your needs. Often times I am reminded that I am like a child, learning things for the first time. This comforts me to know that when I wake up in the morning just like a new born baby, this is a brand new day and a new body.

The experiences will come and remember to breath through it and my to make small changes and move forward into the light and do what feels good in your body.

When you are challenged in your everyday circumstances ask yourself, "does this feel good in my body?" Listen to your body and your body will give you signals that will answer your questions.

First Chakra (Week One)

Location – at the base of the spine

Sanskrit - muladhara

Associations – food and shelter, survival, safety, connectedness, tribal groups

Organs – reproductive, immune system, skeleton, bone marrow, endocrine gland: adrenal medulla

Foods - Beets, cherries,red cabbage, red currants, red peppers, red plums, strawberries, tomatoes, watercress, watermelon

Element – earth

Color – red

Imbalance – chronic fear, paranoia, suspicion of the world, sciatica, depression, immune disorders, HIV, chronic fatigue, alienation

Balances – physical exercise, earthing, massage, grounding meditation, belonging, resting, sleeping

Movement/Asana/Healing – warrior poses (Virabhadrasana I, II, III, mountain pose (Tadasana) , Bridge Pose (Setu Bhandasana)


  • I am stable, safe and secure

  • I have unshakable trust

  • I am rooted in life, and in myself

Awaken the Root Chakra

  1. Sit comfortably in your normal meditation posture.

  2. Feel your sits bones anchored deep down into the earth.

  3. Feeling the connection deep into the center of the earth rooted like a large tree.

  4. Visualize a red spinning chakra with the image of a beam of light at the base of your spine reaching down into the core of the Earth.

  5. Imagine this light flowing down into the Earth and nourishing your Root Chakra establishing this relationship between you and the Mother Earth.

  6. Keep meditating on this exchange and let yourself relax into a feeling of safety and security

LAM Meditation

The seed sound or mantra of the Earth element is LAM (pronounced as hum). Chanting this mantra helps activate the chakra.

  1. Sit comfortably in your normal meditation posture.

  2. Prop the chakra image by: John Holland at the top of this page in front of you, slightly below eye level with half-closed eyes gaze

  3. Chant LAM silently as you continue to gaze upon it.

Duration: Modify your time to what works best for you. A little goes a long ways!!!!

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